@gabes_bb6 ’s Turbocharged Honda Prelude

Over 500HP and 350 ft/lbs of Torque

There is something special about Honda Preludes.  The BB6 chassis specifically.  Over the many years since it has been placed on the market, it has aged very well and still is an eye catcher to this very day.  Gabe’s 1998 Honda Prelude is no exception!  His Honda Prelude is also not your typical Honda you see on the streets every day.  I am not sure there is much on this vehicle that is still “street legal”.  One of the reasons that this vehicle is no longer a daily driver.  The numbers this turbocharged JDM H23A engine puts to the wheels is insane!  During Gabe’s last dyno run, he was pushing 545 horsepower and 390 ft/lbs of torque!  Talk about a V8 killer!  You can catch Gabe and his 1998 Honda Prelude at the Barona drag strip ripping up the asphalt with his racing slicks.  Appreciate Gabe taking the time to talk with me about his project car and hope you all enjoy the footage that was captured!  Plenty of Honda Prelude goodness in the video below!

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